Virtual Sound Card Driver

First, Virtual Sound Card Driver can not be used without your real sound card driver. You have to find your real sound card driver to install to let you hear sounds. However, Our Virtual Sound Card Driver can be an enhancement to your existing sound card driver.

Virtual Sound Card Driver wrap your real sound card and make it more easy to use, especially on Windows 7 / Vista. It simulates a sound card on your computer, adds virtual sound card driver, automatically direct all sounds it receives to your real sound card. So you can set our Virtual Sound Card Driver as the default playback/input sound device, completely replacing your physical sound card driver.

1) Virtual Sound Card Driver can record all sounds sent to it by simple one click. 

2) Windows 7 banned stereo mix module of most physical sound card diver. Virtual Sound Card Driver enables it.

3) Virtual Sound Card Driver lets you play sound files as if the voice is coming from your microphone.

4) Work as a bridge between audio recording/input applications.

5) Remove DRM protection. (This feature only works on windows 2000)

6) Works for all kinds of physical sound card drivers. Works for all Windows version, including 64bit Windows 7. Digital Signed our virtual sound driver with Microsoft.

7) Finally, it is easy and clean.

Your sound card can do more. Try our Virtual Sound Card Driver!

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Work for ALL Sound Cards!

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(Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, 32/64 bits)


If you have any issues using Virtual Sound Card Driver, feel free to contact us via e-mail.